Sizzla’s “Rise Up” Album Is Up For GRAMMY Consideration!

Dancehall/Reggae Icon Sizzla Kalonji continues to touch the world with his music, and maintain a career that continues to get better. With a discography that has seen over 100 projects released, Sizzla has shown an exceptional work ethic. Today, he seeks a golden prize for one of his latest releases. 

In July 2022, Sizzla released the album, “Rise Up“. Powered by Kalonji Music Productions, the album contained uplifting content, conscious lyrics, and that signature sound that Sizzla has presented to the world over the years. The “Rise Up” album has been praised by critics and media outlets, and quickly became a fan favorite. In light of the 2023 GRAMMY Awards, Kalonji Music Productions and Sizzla have submitted the album for “GRAMMY Consideration“, and are currently campaigning. Sizzla is a 1-time GRAMMY nominee, and owning one of the golden awards would be a great addition to an already legendary catalogue, and fans would celebrate their favorite Artist finally securing a GRAMMY.

In addition to Sizzla’s campaign, he is currently promoting “The System“, a collaboration with Blaqk Sheep Music. The single is featured on the recently released “Reggae Reload Vol. 1” compilation, and is just one of the many collaborations Sizzla and Blaqk Sheep Music have lined up for release.

Check out Sizzla’s “Rise Up” album below.

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