Jamaican Blog Celebrates Sizzla Kalonji’s Birthday & Career With Playlist! (13thStreetPromotions)

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On April 17, the world celebrates one of Jamaica’s greatest artists. Some know him as Miguel Collins, but others know him as the legendary Sizzla! With a career spanning nearly 30 years, his music still connects with many from all walks of life. Today, we show love on his birthday with our latest Playlist titled, “Kalonji Classics: The Sizzla Playlist“.

With nearly 5 hours worth of music, this is just a small piece of Sizzla’s catalogue as he released almost 100 albums to date. We look back at some of his timeless tracks, and some of his collaborations locally and Internationally. What’s your favourite Sizzla song? Too many to name? Then let us know some of your faves on our Twitter and/or Instagram at @13thStreetPromo. Big up Sizzla anyweh him deh!

The “Kalonji Classics” Playlist is available for streaming on Spotify and Tidal. Check out the Playlist below.

13thStreetPromotions, Sizzla, Sizzla Kalonji, Jamaica, Reggae,

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