Sizzla Celebrates 20 Years Of “Da Real Thing”!

The iconic Reggae/Dancehall Artist Sizzla Kalonji has solidified himself as one of the giants in Jamaican music. With a career honing in on 30 years, Sizzla has managed to keep his name hot in every decade and has plenty of music to satisfy even the most hardcore fan. With a seemingly endless catalogue, Sizzla is today celebrating one of his groundbreaking projects.

November 19 marks 20 years since the release of the album, “Da Real Thing”. An album that is considered a classic, “Da Real Thing” was released in 2002 through VP Records/Digital-B Records, and is Sizzla’s seventeenth studio album. The album was a collaboration with Producer the late Bobby “Digital” Dixon, who produced the entire album. “Da Real Thing” produced timeless hits such as “Solid As A Rock”, “Thank U Mamma”, “Woman I Need You”, and “Just One Of Those Days (Dry Cry)”, and is Sizzla’s most commercially successful release. Given the massive popularity of the album, VP Records released a live version of the album called, “Da Real Live Thing” in 2005.

Thanks to “Da Real Thing” crossing over into the US/International market, Sizzla’s reach increased tremendously and provided him opportunities to collaborate with some big names in music. Songs from “Da Real Thing” are still in heavy rotation today, and it has been hailed as one of Complex Magazine’s “100 Best Albums Of The Complex Decade” ranking at #32. Tributes for the album are expected to flow in the coming days, and fans can stay tuned for any announcements through Sizzla’s Instagram at @TheRealSizzlaKalonji.


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